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Todd wants to know if the guys could change the ending of any movie, what they would change and how. They also answer some listener questions including what guilty pleasures they would give up which sends the conversation off the rails a bit, and if they could play for any NFL team, which they would choose. As always, the guys each send in some Friday Bangerz to help send you into the weekend.

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Well, how are you doing guys? Kipp vocals : Good! Kipp : It took him like maybe six months to come around with the name, he hated it.

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Q: We have been asked to do another Alabama skate question, so here goes The majority of skateboard manufacturers in the U. It has always been that way, and probably will remain that way.

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Monday, May 31, it's the buzz, cocks! Republik Nightclub. This photo is not from Saturday night's concert at the Republik, but Steve Diggle was wearing the exact same shirt. It struck me at the time that it looked rather like a pyjama shirt and with the start to a Saturday night show, I thought that maybe it was a sign that the Buzzcocks were going to bow to the realities of the decades that had passed since they cemented their role as influential punk innovators and go for a laid-back Muzak approach.

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Hello there! We will first discuss the original version by The Arrows. Merrill and Hooker were American while Varley was English.

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Thanks to Mark Scott for these photos from our final show at The Blackheart. And thanks to the hundreds who packed into the venue to witness it. The closer.

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On Tuesday, July 23rd, I got the chance to interview King Fowley, the legendary front man and one time drummer of the bands Deceased and October The guy has lived a hell of a life so far, has some crazy tales to tell and a dedication to underground and DIY metal few can rival. You can download the interview as an mp3 for free herestream it by clicking the orange play button below or read the full transcription under that. As always my words are in bold.

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Author of Your Screenplay Sucks! None made a dent at the box office, but he was delighted to get paid. Akers has written and continues to write for studios, independent producers, and the major television networks.

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The Blog Archive -- July to Dec. I had four people read this column before it went to press and got back four different viewpoints on the topic. Most thought Adam was right when he said fashion -- or what a performer looks like -- plays a central role in who gets "in" and who doesn't. Where's all this fashion that everyone's talking about.


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