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The problem with Bill Murray films is that they don't involve enough sex. Now, anyone versed in the canon of CaddyshackMeatballsKingpinand Stripes will certainly dispute this, as all involve a fair amount of flesh. After all, in Stripeswhich is probably the crowning achievement of his oeuvreMurray accompanies a young John Candy to a strip-club, where they not only engage a team of vixens in full-on, no quarter mud wrestling, but they proceed to win and then taunt the young ladies by parading their tops around the ring—a feat that not even Andy Kauffman would dare.

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We met Plaza recently in Beverly Hills to discuss the film, which opens on Friday, and also heard about her own high-school shenanigans, real-life encounter with Hillary Clinton, and surprising admiration for Charlie Sheen. How did you explain that project to your parents? Aubrey Plaza : You just have to close your eyes, say it as quickly as you can, and then walk away.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Limits of Control

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In case you missed the news, naked celebrity photos were recently stolen and leaked on the web, bringing with them scores of discussions, debates and even an art exhibition. Aside from our monster junk food, monster house and monster car obsessions, Americans also have monster celebrity obsessions as well as some fairly unhealthy relationships with the naked body. We idolize both celebrities and nakedness for what they represent, rather than what they are. I get the whole seeing people naked for, you know, practical purposes, if you will.

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The film was distributed by Focus Features. The mission itself is left unstated and the instructions are cryptic, including such phrases as "Everything is subjective," "The universe has no center and no edges; reality is arbitrary," and "Use your imagination and your skills. Each meeting has the same pattern: he orders two espressos at a cafe and waits, his contact arrives and in Spanish asks, "You don't speak Spanish, right?

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Hi, I don't know what you've been up to this week, but many glamorous celebs spent their last few days at the Cannes Film Festival in France. And no, while sitting here on the rainy East Coast, I'm totally not jealous about it! Selena hasn't been super active on Insta or made many public appearances lately she recently said that social media is "terrible"so this is kind of a big deal!

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Born in Illinois, Bill Murray was one of eight children born to a middle class Irish Catholic family. Growing up, Bill Murray worked as a caddy on a local golf course, probably inspiring much of what he would bring to the table for Caddyshackone of his earliest film roles. There are scores of fans that would love to play a twosome with Bill Murray's club and balls.

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Top definition. The Chive unknown. Do you enjoy going on a website that everyone within your target audience goes on, and perhaps would you like to purchase a generic t-shirt?

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Welcome to Random Roleswherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. They seem very disjointed, distant. Not literally zombies, but kind of like that.


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