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Much mystery as well as many myths surround the hymen. In somecultures, its presence is believed to indicate chastity and purity. In reality, the hymen is simply an annular round ring of tissue that surrounds the vaginal entry.

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A hymen is a thin layer of tissue that partially covers the opening of the vagina — partially not completely. After the menopause and due to the lack of estrogen however, the symptoms will take longer to resolve and will require treatment. The vaginal lining becomes thinner, drier and subsequently sore because of a condition called vaginal atrophy.

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OBJECTIVE: To determine the usefulness of measurements of the vaginal opening and amount of hymenal tissue present inferiorly and laterally in the diagnosis of vaginal penetration. METHODS: The transhymenal diameters and the amount of tissue present between the hymenal edge and vestibule inferiorly at 6 o'clock and laterally at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock were measured from photographs of prepubertal children with a validated history of digital or penile penetration and children who denied previous sexual abuse. Statistical analyses were conducted to compare the mean values and hymenal symmetry between groups as well as to determine the sensitivity and specificity of various cutoff points.

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I was raped as a child on more than one occasion. I don't know exactly how many times, because not all of the memories are clear, but they all took place within the same couple of months. I didn't tell anyone for years, so it wasn't in my medical file, and I hid it even from my family.

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Reproductive Health. DecemberCite as. Clinicians, however, continue to refer to changes in the hymen to assess for a history of consensual or nonconsensual sexual intercourse.

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That's the rumour anyway - that the first time a woman has penetrative sex, her hymen will break, she will bleed, and probably be in a mild to considerable amount of pain. In some cases, the myth even goes so far as to suggest that the hymen disappears entirely once penetration occurs, making it the defining factor in determining whether a woman is a virgin or not. The first myth the women tackled was that the hymen "breaks" the first time a woman has vaginal intercourse.

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Related Editorial. Child victims of sexual abuse may present with physical findings that can include anogenital problems, enuresis or encopresis. Behavioral changes may involve sexual acting out, aggression, depression, eating disturbances and regression.

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I am working on the first few lecture of my class for the spring semester. There, now you know roughly how big your hymen is. However, hymen vary a LOT, and there are many different kinds of hymens, from imperforate hymens, which completely cover the vaginal opening and must be medically opened in order for a woman to menstruate, to septate hymens, which feel like a strand of skin across the vaginal opening. Any blood with first penetration is more likely due to general vaginal tearing from lack of lubrication.

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For many years, one of my jobs was answering anonymous sex questions for a teen website. And when I did, I was reminded just how common it is for people to either worry that first sex will be painful, or to actually have painful first sex. When he put it in, it hurt really bad.

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An introitus is any type of entrance or opening. However, the term often refers to the opening of the vagina, which leads to the vaginal canal. The vaginal opening sits in the rear portion of the vulva the external female genitalia. The vulva is covered by fleshy layers of skin called labia that help cushion and protect the vagina.


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